FEEL-GOOD MOMENTS AT 4-STAR Hotel Zauchensee Zentral

Soothing massages for the senses

Close your eyes, calmly breathe in and out, and relish every pampering moment of the treatment you have chosen. Experience a whole new and soothing body sensation - especially after a glorious day of skiing in the Zauchensee-Flachauwinkl ski area. The flowing touches of a gentle massage and the pleasant warmth will allow you to immerse yourself completely in this wonderfully rejuvenating world. Sense how you rediscover the lightness of being and those hidden sources of strength that emerge during a treatment at 4-star Hotel Zauchensee Zentral. Our experienced therapeutic masseur and certified sports masseur offers you a wide range of choices, from traditional treatments to therapies rooted in the ancient healing arts of the Far East, to Kinesio taping.


Feel-Good Massages

Massage with a special massage oil tailored to you and your pain region. Effective program for your tension zone: targets problem muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area for sustained relief. Precise treatment will be optimized for you personally.

  • Neck-and-shoulder therapy: ca. 25 min
  • Neck-and-shoulder therapy: ca. 50 min

A massage especially for tired skiers, so that you'll be fully recovered to take on the next mountain the following morning. Tailored to your specific needs, a variety of massages are offered: strengthening, intensive, activating, gentle, harmonizing or relaxing. For the back, legs, arms, shoulders, neck or the whole body – whatever you wish. Afterwards, you will feel on top of the world again! Full-body massages include foot reflexology treatment.

  • "Mountain Attack" partial massage: ca. 25 min
  • "Mountain Attack" full massage: ca. 50 min

Massage with a massage oil tailored to you. This treatment consists mainly of effleurage. The goal is to reduce muscle tension and induce deep relaxation.

  • Special anti-stress massage: ca. 50 min

Activating foot and leg massage for feet that have been stuck in ski boots all day long. After a strenuous day of skiing, get your tired legs and feet back into tip-top shape. Massage with Tyrolean mineral oil plus rosemary, thyme and lemon balm, concluding with a Tyrolean mineral-oil fluid.

  • Après-Ski Massage: ca. 50 min

This massage pays special attention to your back. By means of long, deep stroking motions, the tense muscles along the spine are loosened and stretched. The wave-like strokes are like the power of the ocean, which the kahunas have studied since time immemorial. Just as the continual motion of the water removes hardness and rough edges, leaving everything smoother and more rounded, the steady flow of circling strokes can make the body supple, powerful, permeable and flexible once again. This leads to pleasant new physical sensations, while simultaneously relieving blockages in the spinal and pelvic areas. With the tension gone, life energies can begin to flow again and warmth radiates to every corner of the body. This wonderful Hawaiian temple massage is like a holiday for body, mind and soul.

  • Hawaiian Back Massage: ca. 25 min

The traditional Thai foot reflexology massage creates a time of deep relaxation and escape. Through the feet, we are also able to influence the inner organs of our body, with each part of the sole and arch mirroring individual parts. By stimulating those organs and body areas, the body's own innate self-healing powers are promoted. In contrast to western foot reflexology massage, the Thai version involves massages up to the knee. This stimulates additional important acupuncture points and, by means of special techniques, also improves blood and lymphatic flow. In addition to the classic organ zones, energy points are also stimulated and the meridians activated.

  • Thai Foot Reflexology Massage: ca. 50 min

Energy from hot stones: This treatment is a fascinating mixture of massage, energy treatment and the pleasant sensation you feel as the body is touched with smooth, warm stones. You feel how your body is filled with renewed energy and vitality, while your personal energy field is restored to balance. As a consequence, this massage is an outstanding method to bring harmony back to body, mind and soul. The secret is the combination of a massage with the centuries-old wisdom of the Indian shamans.

  • Hot Stone Massage: ca. 50 or 75 min

This type of massage restores your body to its original state of peace. Through gentle stroking motions along the Ying meridians throughout the body, gentle shaking and the cautious laying of hands, you quickly achieve a state of deep relaxation. Universal energy (so-called “Chi”) returns.

  • Yin(g) Meridian Treatment: ca. 50 min

Lomi Lomi is a feast for the senses: gentle sounds, the feeling of tropical warmth, the constantly recurring touch on various parts of the body. Before long, you are immersed body & soul in the treatment. In this dissolved state, it is as if a primal level of consciousness is restored, more powerful than many of us could ever imagine. Our conception of what can be and what can never be not infrequently erects barriers to happiness, barriers which need to be dismantled. Body, mind and soul are an inseparable unity. A significant element of Lomi involves getting people back in touch with the softness of their body and evolving a new form of body perception.

  • Lomi Lomi Nui: ca. 90 min


Supplemental offers

Kinesio tapes can be used to treat injury, loosen muscles and reduce inflammation. The price is based on the length of the tapes and the technique which is employed.

  • Kinesio taping: ca. 10 min

Soothing lymphatic drainage is offered by request.

  • Thai foot reflexology massage: ca. 50 min

Harmony for the body.


Massagen im Hotel Zauchensee Zentral

Massages and treatments may be enjoyed from Monday to Saturday between 1 and 7 PM. Simply let us know one day in advance at the reception. If you have already made an appointment which you will now be unable to keep, please cancel 24 hours beforehand. For cancelations received later than this, we will be obliged to charge you 100% of the cost.